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Clean Beauty Valentines Day Makeup Look

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Valentines Day is this weekend and whether you are celebrating with a loved on, your friends, or with some much needed ‘me’ time, it’s always nice to get all dolled up.

Below I have some mini-reviews in addition to my Valentine’s Day makeup look! I am usually very low key when it comes to daily makeup, but I love busting out a bold lip and some darker shadow every now and then. This look is super easy and you can make it however bold or light you like, depending on your plans for the weekend.

Here is a little close-up of the look. (Forgive my brows – they need some love and attention … badly.)




Brija Cosmetics Adhesive Eye Wax :

Brija, job well done on this one! I have only been using it for about two weeks now but it has been a game changer for my natural eyeshadow, which we all know just don’t stay on as long as conventional shadows. Apply to the lid before eyeshadow, and to the brush for extra adhesion. It has helped my eyeshadow stay on all day and I can’t believe I ever did my makeup without it.

Brija Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Choices Trump Abilities:

Next apply a grey or faint purple eyeshadow to the lid. This shadow is from Brija’s “The Boy Who Lived” collection and is the Dumbledore themed shade, so obviously it is one of my favorites! It is grey with faint purple shimmer — so glamorous.

Lily Lolo Laid Bare Collection – Exposed and Stark Naked:

A black eyeshadow, like Lily Lolo Exposed, is what I used for the crease, a little bit of a wing, and on the outer part of the lower lash line. A shade like the Lily Lolo Stark Naked (far right) is perfect for highlighting under the eyebrows and the inner corner of your eye.


100% Pure Liquid Eyeliner in Blackberry:

If you follow me on Instagram you know I just received this in my last 100% Pure order as a freebie because I had enough points to redeem. It is a deep purple, and does appear that way when applied. I used this to line my upper lash line and coated it with Lily Lolo Exposed to make it a bit darker and less purple. I was nervous about staying-time for the liner, but it stayed on all day long – very impressed!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Blackberry:

Whenever anyone says natural makeup does not have as good quality or is not as glam as conventional makeup I want to hand them this mascara in tandem with the Lily Lolo Mascara and have them eat their words. 100% Pure’s mascara smells DIVINE and while it looks like it may be purple, like the eyeliner, you cannot tell once it is applied. It lengthens my lashes and conditions them and I can’t get enough of it.

Lily Lolo Creamy Lash Alert Mascara in Black:

If you love big bold lashes this mascara is for you. I apply it on top of the 100% Pure when I want a little va-voom for my lashes and it delivers! I used to complain that my conventional mascaras from Sephora would cake after only a month of use, but this mascara seems to get better with age.

Beauty Counter Color Outline Eye Pencil in Black:

I applied this to the outer corner of my lower lash line, connecting it to the eyeliner on my upper lashes. This liner goes on so creamy after being warmed up on the back of your hand, and stays on for quite a while considering it is a natural liner.

Face and Lips:


Silk Naturals HD Foundation in Neutral 30:

I used to use the RMS Un-Cover Up and loved it. It provided so much wonderful coverage for my healing hyperpigmentation – however I was really disappointed when I discovered that the coconut oil inside was the culprit for my clogged pores. I got a sample of Silk Naturals HD Foundation to hold me over until I found a replacement for the RMS, but to my surprise the Silk Naturals foundation (only $11.99!) won me over and I just ordered a full size to replace my RMS.

Au Naturale Powder Foundation in Lucila:

I wish a liquid/cream foundation was all I needed in the morning to get ready, but this Au Naturale Powder is so wonderful (comparable to Tarte and BareMinerals which I used to use) at giving my skin the extra coverage it needs right now, and it blends so well with any foundation I have used it with.

Brija Cosmetics Hoola Hoop Bronzer:

These next few items I don’t use everyday, but on special occasions or date nights I love breaking them out and doing a little amateur contouring and highlighting. Brija’s Hoola Hoop is what I use to define my cheek bones. It is such a light color, perfect for anyone hesitant to over-do it!

Silk Naturals HD Cream Blush in Limoncello:

Silk Naturals really blew it out of the park and surprised me with this product as well. So blendable and creamy, I applied this highlighter to the top of my cheek bones, above my eyebrows, and down the bridge of my nose.

W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Stick in #9:

This thing is the bomb! I love multi-tasking products. I can use it as a quick eyeshadow when I am running late for work or just running errands, a lipstick, and a subtle but glowing blush!

100% Pure Pomegranate Oil Lipstick in Poppy:

If you have been following bloggers in the green beauty world for a while you know that this is a cult classic. I just picked it up from 100% Pure since I have started going a little more bold with my lips on special ocassions. I love the color, not too red or dark, and the formula was very creamy. If you are afraid of a bold lip, a pink or nude tone would still look great with this look!

Final Look:







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