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5 Things I Eat/Drink Daily


When something has proven to me that it is worth eating every single day, you know it is good. Except for probiotics and fish oil this list does not include supplements I take daily, which are pretty much just the basics (vitamin D, vitamin C, fish Oil, probiotic, multi-vitamin, and Armour Thyroid).

I think you will find that the items on this list are not far fetched or disgusting like some lists I have read. I don’t plug my nose and hope for the best when I eat these foods, in fact, I crave them!

1. Healthy Fats:


I decided to start adding more healthy fats, omega-3’s, to my diet when I read about how they benefit the skin. But since then, healthy fats have become all the rage and I have read about so many other great reasons to be eating them like energy, brain function, emotional health, calming inflammation (including in the skin!).

  • Fish Oil: I don’t love seafood and I very rarely eat it, so a doctor suggested taking a fish oil supplement to help increase my intake of healthy fats, which in turn would help my skin heal from its period of crazy hormonal breakouts after quitting birth control. This sparked my interest in omega-3’s and finding more places to add them to my diet.
  • Avocado: I mean, do you really need another reason to add avocado to everything you eat? Burgers, salads, smoothies, eggs, toast, guacamole … you can find a way to include this in basically every meal. (There is not an avocado in this photo because we may or may not have eaten it with dinner last night).
  • Walnuts: A hidden source of omega-3’s that is easy to snack on, add to trail mix, your smoothie, granola, or oatmeal.
  • Spinach: Are you seeing a trend here? These aren’t foods that are impossible to add to your diet, it’s easy peasy! More spinach based salads, an extra handful in my smoothies, on my turkey burgers, and in my omelets have all been ways I have added more spinach to my daily diet.
  • Flax Seed: I really only add these to my smoothies and muffins, but you cannot taste them at all and they add a great consistency. Add some spinach and maybe an avocado and you’ve got an omega-3 filled breakfast.

2. Antioxidants:


I became interested in antioxidants around the same time I did healthy fats because in researching natural ways to help my skin heal antioxidants cropped up a lot. They are also wonderful for fighting free radicals, protecting the immune system, helping with aging, eye health, heart health, and boosting mood. Can I bathe in this stuff?

  • Blueberries: Right now, I am on a serious blueberry kick (yes I know it is winter!). I can’t seem to buy enough frozen blueberries to keep my addiction fueled. I am adding them to smoothies, to my oatmeal, in my water diffuser, my buckwheat pancakes – any excuse to add them, I will gladly take it. My friend Lizzy even introduced me to blueberry cheese, which is all the proof I need that JK Rowling was onto something, it’s magical.
  • Green Tea: Iced or hot. Matcha or not. I drink at least one glass of green tea a day and when I have to go without it … it’s not pretty. Green tea is also my only source of caffeine so it helps keep me going during the day as well.
  • Sweet Potatoes, nuts, and dark green veggies are also great sources of antioxidants.

3. Probiotics:


I used to be so bad about remembering to take my probiotic since it was in the fridge. Now that I have gotten into a good habit of taking it every night though I have noticed a difference in my gut health and my skin as well. Probiotics are necessary for balancing the bacteria in your gut (you need it!) which can affect so many things – this is a great read if you want to know more.

  • Kombucha: It has taken me forever to find a flavor and brand of Kombucha that I like, but I discovered High Country Kombucha at Fresh Market and decided to give it a try. The flavor is not overpoweringly bitter and is actually very refreshing. I try to drink half a bottle a day.
  • Probiotic Supplement: Researching and discovering the right probiotic for you is for another blog post, but finding one with a good number of strains and cultures is key. Since being regular in taking mine I have seen an awesome difference in my gut and skin health.

4. Herbal Tea:


There are so many health benefits for drinking herbal teas, they can help with everything from sleep and digestion to mood and PMS. Herbal teas seem to be taking over my cabinets, this photo doesn’t even include my loose teas and much to my boyfriend’s dismay, it is taking away from space for his precious hot sauces.

  • Detox Tea: Anything from Traditional Medicinals that has liver support is something I want! I love their Dandelion Root Tea, EveryDay Detox, and Smooth Move. Rose Mountain Herbs is also a great place to get your herbal teas and even try mixing some yourself.
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea: I have shared this on my Instagram before, but this has been a life changer for me. When I first heard about its ability to help with menstrual cramps I was as skeptical, as you probably are right now. I drink this everyday in the week leading up to my period, and two glasses on my days with the worst cramps and it makes them bearable – to the point I’m not tempted to reach for some Advil!
  • Green Tea: I already talked about my obsession.  I always have some in my purse and at my desk at work… so does my boyfriend Nick. We have a green tea addiction.

5. Water and Lemon:


I know, I know, you are tired of hearing about the benefits of drinking water with lemon to start out the day. I won’t bore you with the explanations of why, but if you haven’t heard you can read up on it here. Just do it. It is good for you, easy to do, and you will start to crave it in the mornings! I don’t add anything fancy like ginger or turmeric because I can’t stomach those first thing in the AM, but there are so many variations you can explore.


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