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March Beauty Heroes: Skin Owl


Sometime’s you wish there was scratch and sniff capability on your computer. The Mangosteen Beauty Drops from Skin Owl have me wanting that to be a possibility because I know you all will not believe me when I tell that this oil smells like Sweet Tarts.

I read some bloggers’ reviews of the March Beauty Heroes box and saw them saying the same thing about the oil but thought they were probably exaggerating. Sorry guys – you were not jokin’.

Each month Beauty Heroes picks a natural beauty product that is the cream of the crop, often times with a equally wonderful sidekick. You pay $40 each month to receive the box and get 15% off in their shop if you are a subscriber. Each month the value of the product is well over $40 and you get to try products you might not have even heard of.

Yet again, Beauty Heroes has proven to be well worth my $40 splurge this month.

The brand featured in the March box is Skin Owl, which is a brand I have seen crop up several times on blogs and Instagram in the green beauty world, especially their beauty drops.


Skin Owl’s Mangosteen Beauty Drops

From the Beauty Heroes site: “SkinOwl’s Beauty Drops PM proves that less is more. The proprietary alchemy of two cold-pressed super fruits – South African baobab oil and Southeast Asian mangosteen oil – works on most skin types to calm inflammation, soothe and clear acne, protect from oxidative stress and fortify skin with essential minerals, sealing in skin’s natural moisture.”

This oil is thicker than most that I am willing to use on my acne prone skin so I was a little worried during my first use that my pores would not appreciate the heaviness. I have to say I am very impressed that my skin has actually been doing really well since starting to use the drops as a part of my morning routine. I have not noticed a difference in the pace at which my hyperpigmentation is healing (that is not the main focus of the oil), but few new spots have decided to rear their ugly heads … which is a nice change.

I do use the oil in the morning instead of at night because I am a tried and true Vintner’s Daughter user at night , and with that I have noticed an effect on my hyperpigmentation. I love the oil in the morning though because of how moisturizing it is under my makeup. My foundation doesn’t slip off but I can feel my skin soaking in the much appreciated nutrients and moisture. It works wonderfully in tandem with my 100% Pure SPF face lotion which is not as moisturizing. Plus, who wouldn’t love to start their day with the smell of Sweet Tarts.



Heroic Helichrysum

From the Beauty Heroes site: This month’s exclusive-to-Beauty Heroes sidekick herbal beauty steam, Heroic Helichrysum, invites a simple yet profound ritual of facial steaming. Harvested from a family farm in the US,  this all-organic spring blend features dried yarrow, helichrysum, cornflower, calendula petals, rose petals and buds, French lavender super blue and chamomile.

This months sidekick was my first ever beauty steam and I am disappointed in myself for not having given a face steam a try sooner. I need to take 5 minutes out of my day more often just to sit, and what better way to do it than to sit with your face soaking in some amazing botanicals.

“Skin ‘care’ can be the catalyst for caring about every genuinely important facet of your life.” –Annie Tevelin

I love this quote from the founder of Skin Owl. I didn’t used to take much time to put towards my skincare in college, but now that I have less me-time in the real world, I consider my skincare routine non-negotiable because it is a little self-pampering every night. We all deserve that. Everyday.

I will definitely be looking for an affordable alternative to the full size of the face steam so that I can take a little more time for myself once a week! Any suggestions?

There is still time, until March 20th, to purchase this months Beauty Heroes box so that you can nourish your skin and bask in the smell of Sweet Tarts each morning too.


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