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Radiantly You | Skincare & Body Care


I love small and upcoming green beauty brands – they make some stellar products and deserve to have all kinds of light shed on them. In the next few weeks I will be reviewing some smaller brands who I have come to adore!

The first reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of the skincare and cleaning products. Radiantly You has such pure formulas I was all in to give them a try. Of course I couldn’t resist diving into the skincare and bodycare products first, but will be posting about their cleaning supplies as well soon!



The Radiantly You deodorant contains no baking soda which is exactly what my skin was needing after being irritated by one that did. A good working deodorant is a good working deodorant there isn’t much more you can say than that! My armpits don’t feel sticky when I wear it like they do with some natural deodorants, and I don’t feel the need to reapply halfway through the day. It even withstood traveling on a plane and the heat in Mexico. The formula is not too oily nor too dry – it is the perfect balance. It smells wonderfully of tea tree oil and contains bentonite clay to help with detoxing. This makes it perfect for anyone just making the switch to natural deodorants!



The mask is definitely my second favorite product that I received from Radiantly You. It has a honey base, which I love because it is antibacterial and moisturizing! The smell is delightful because of the peppermint. After wearing it for a few minutes, my face starts to feel cool and tingly, which makes me feel like this mask is really getting in there and cleaning out my pores. It is a bit thick since it is a honey base, so by just adding a bit of water it smooths out the consistency and makes it more easily spreadable.


Body Butter

This is definitely a body butter. The formula is thick and moisturizing and I have been gravitating towards it before bed each night.  The scent is delightful – I am a sucker for anything citrus based, especially as summer approaches! I do suggest using this mainly at night because it does leave my skin a little slick. I don’t love that feeling during the day but I know that many of you do!


I am also still in the process of trying the Radiantly You Deep Sea Whipped Face Wash, which I believe is too thick for my skin and leaves some oil behind. Many of you I know like that because it aids in moisturizing the skin, but with my finicky pores I try to steer clear! I also tried their toothpaste which has a coconut oil base. It definitely put me in my place! I thought I could handle super crunchy and granola products, but the toothpaste is a little too bare bones for me! I am definitely going to use it for oil pulling though as it has a hint of vanilla and mint to it that will make that experience more bearable!


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