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BeauTeaBar Mothers’ Day | Giveaway

My mom is my best friend, and that is truly not an exaggeration. She is the first person I call no matter what the news. Happy, sad, neutral. I call her often just to chat. I am so fortunate that I feel like I can tell her anything and that her advice will always be from a place of wanting what is best for me. I love that Mothers’ Day is a day just for her and as a kid I used to get so pumped at the idea of brining her breakfast in bed, showering her with gifts, and doing the chores. Now that I am out of the house, and am constantly taking up my mom’s time with more adult issues than being out of my favorite juice box flavor, I can never seem to find the perfect gift to send her to tell her thanks for all that she does and that I’d be a mess (even more than I already am) without her!

For Mothers’ Day I love to give gifts that I know my mom would not purchase for herself but would love to have as a treat. For most moms that is usually  skincare and body care products that really pamper them! BeauTeaBar is the perfect one stop shop for all things natural beauty and they have a TON of options that would be perfect for mother’ day gifts.

Hannah from Healthfully Hannah and I have teamed up to pick the 5 products from BeauTeaBar that we would love to get our mothers to tell them thank you for all that they do! Dying to pamper your mom with these products? Enter our $100 BeautTeaBar giveaway (details at the bottom!).

OLO5 copy

1: One Love Organics Vitamin C Polish

2: One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Oil

This combo is fantastic together for any mom who takes exfoliating and moisturizing seriously. The Vitamin C Polish is both exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time; the scent transports me to the beach sipping on a pina colada. The Gardenia + Tea Oil has a delicate and feminine fragrance that feels so luxurious; it is the best balance of moisturization without feeling greasy.


3. Vintner’s Daughter:  If your mom is a skincare junkie and she has never tried Vintner’s Daughter then you have got to introduce it to her. This is the holy grail of all face oils. While the price point is high, the bottle lasts forever and difference seen in the skin after using it is phenomenal. Your mom and this oil are worth it.

4. Laurel Honey Berry Mask: I have not tried this mask before but I have heard so much about it. It is at the top of my to-try list for masks! BeauTeaBar writes, “A gentle exfoliating, brightening, and rejuvenating mask that tightens the skin and gives you a gorgeous glow in 15 minutes flat!” Any woman would love a mask that can do all of that in 15 minutes!

5. Antonym Quadro Eyeshadow in Noisette: For the makeup loving mom, this super chic eyeshadow is filled with neutrals perfect for any skin tone and a great addition to even the most extensive collection. My mom loves neutrals and would definitely get a ton of use out of this bad boy. And can we talk about the amazing packaging?

Want to win $100 from BeauTeaBar to spend on spoiling your momma this Mothers’ Day? Healthfully Hannah and I are hosting a giveaway! See entry instructions below and head to my Instagram  to enter.

Mother's Day Giveaway

To enter:

  1. Follow me @consciously.clean, @healthfully_hannah, and @beauteabar on Instagram
  2. Tag 3 friends (only need to tag 3 people on one account)
  3. For 5 extra entries, repost this image and make sure to tag me! (optional)
  4. For 10 entries, repost this image AND leave a comment on my blog under this post telling me which products you’d like to give your mom this Mother’s Day! (optional)

Open internationally. Giveaway ends Saturday at 12pm EST. Winner will be announced that afternoon. Giveaway not sponsored by Instagram in any way.


18 thoughts on “BeauTeaBar Mothers’ Day | Giveaway

  1. I would love to get my mother Kypris 1,000 Roses, because a dozen just isn’t enough ❤️

  2. I would LOVE to gift my mom May Lindstrom, her products are insulgent and my mom would never spend that kind of money on herself. She is the most selfless kind-hearted women I know and she so deserves some pampering! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a prize! 💕

  3. I would absolutely love to win and add another 100$ towards my mom’s gift! I plan on making her a beauty and wellness box! She recently went through 2major surgeries and 2days ago fell on her knee and cracked it. She just jumped on healthy path and i hope she’ll like the box im making. I heard lots of great reviews about la bella figura barbary fig oil or la flora i think she would love it:)

  4. @carlsparsley from instagram here. I would LOVE to give my mom Vintner’s Daughter. What a treat!!! And anything by OLO! Oh man. Just EVERYTHING! : )

  5. Would love to give my mom Vintner’s Daughter! Or anything from OLO. : ) Gah, choosing would be the hardest part about winning this! (I’m @carlsparsley from IG).

  6. I’d love to try that Honey Berry mask. It sounds amazing! I will be making a gift basket full of green beauty products. I’m trying to convert her and convince her to ditch her usually toxic products because I want to to be around for a very long time to come! : )

  7. I do the same for my mom – I like to get her things she would never buy herself because she is too selfless – May Lindstrom would be an amazing gift!

  8. Tell her to get well soon! A beauty and wellness box to pamper herself is just what she needs!

  9. Vintner’s Daughter is my holy grail – and OLO is so pampering! You can’t go wrong either way!

  10. It sounds so amazing! It is on my to-try list and a list of gift ideas for mom and grandma 🙂 Trying to slowly convert my mom and sisters as well!

  11. I’m slowly trying to “green up” my mother’s beauty routine. Doing quite well so far but I don’t think she loved the last cleanser I got her as much as I’d hoped. I think she’d really like the One Love Organics Elizabeth Dehn Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover.

  12. I have heard so many good things about that cleanser!! I bet she would love it. 🙂

  13. I would love to give my mom some amazing hand cream to use after all her hard work in the garden! And just because, who doesn’t love hand cream! I have not decided on a brand, but I’d love to read more about options!! ❤️

  14. I’d love to be able to gift this entire selection to my beautiful mother for Mother’s Day this year! She is a cancer survivor and has gone through a lot but she is the person I look up to the most in this world and my super hero! Her skin has changed so much since going through chemo and radiation and it is so much more sensitive than it was before. She would really benefit from these nourishing, holistic and beautifully soothing products! Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a generous giveaway!

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