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Thirteen Organics Review

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Thirteen Organics is a small, clean skincare brand that you need to know about now. I have been thoroughly impressed with everything that they sent me to try – blown away in fact.  Shantae, who I spoke to on Instagram, is so sweet and all of the products are amazing.

These products don’t need much introduction because the ingredients are pure and the quality is great! My standouts from Thirteen Organics? The Sugar Scrub Cubes (which will definitely be a new go-to gift!) and the Blacksoap and Cane Sugar Facial Scrub. You could say that Thirteen Organics are the masters of exfoliation!

Read on for a full review of all of the products I tried.

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Citrus Lip Scrub:

The reason that Thirteen Organics reached out to me was because I commented on how much I loved the fact that their lip scrub was in a tube instead of a jar. They messaged me and asked if I wanted to give it a try and I said sure. Little did I know they would overload me with goodies that would soon be some of my favorite products in my arsenal!

This scrub is yummy as all get out. It does the job, plus some AND it isn’t messy like some lip scrubs can be. It exfoliates my lips without being too harsh on them and then does some double duty moisturizing. The citrus scent is perfectly sweet and sour – I am a sucker for citrus. This is an essential for every bedside table or bathroom counter.

Sugar Scrub Cubes in Coffee and Blacksoap and Cranberry Citrus:

If you are in the market for a scrub that isn’t too messy or oily, exfoliates just the right amount, and smells heavenly then these bad boys are for you. I love that I can just grab a cube and set it on the side of the shower to use when I am ready. No need to crowd the shelf with the scrub! One cube covers my entire body perfectly – so convenient. I am going to travel with them during all my travels this summer as well. Thirteen Organics Sugar Scrub Cubes will take on Greece in July!

IMG_9015 copy

The coffee scent is a jolt in the morning to wake me up and get my going for the day! It is a drier formula than the cranberry citrus – which is also exactly what I like in the morning. Don’t want to go to work with my skin oily.


IMG_9011 copy

The cranberry citrus scent is my favorite of the two. I am a sucker for anything citrus scented and this combo is perfecto. This formula is a little more oily so I have loved using it in the afternoon or at night when I want to hardcore exfoliate and moisturize my skin.

Blacksoap and Cane Sugar Facial Scrub:

IMG_9018 copy

Oh. My. LAWD. I never thought I could find a facial exfoliator to top the cult favorite Acure Organics scrub .. but dare I say it … Thirteen Organics has done it.

This scrub manages to be both super exfoliating and smooth at the same time. Most facial exfoliators are either too oily or too grainy for my liking, but not the Blacksoap and Cane Sugar Facial Scrub. Once I am done exfoliating my face with the creamy formula, I leave it on for a good 10-15 minutes to act as a mask. When I rinse it off my face is so smooth and feels detoxed and clean. Between this and the Vintner’s Daughter oil I have been using, my face is the smoothest it has ever been – truth.

Whipped Body Butters in Grapefruit Mint and Lavender Vanilla:

IMG_9016 copy

These body butters are rich!  A little goes a long way in moisturizing my dry skin. I use them at night before bed and wake up with soft and supple skin. When I find that the butter is too thick I will apply it right after getting out of the shower. The water helps to lighten up the formula. The smells on these are so unique and earthy I love them. Lavender Vanilla is perfect for relaxing and pampering before bed and the Grapefruit Mint is my go-to in the mornings!

Herbal Detox Bath Tea:

I almost missed this at the bottom of the box – and thank goodness I didn’t! I have no photo of it because I was so excited to try the soak out that I completely forgot I hadn’t photographed it yet – #IAmABathJunkie. This Bath Tea is amazing! I actually got about three uses out of the pouch. Not sure if I fell victim to the placebo effect but I felt like I was really sweating out some gunk while I was in the bath with these! The scent is not too strong and the ingredients weren’t too powerful where they irritated my skin like some salts with too much essential oil can do. I think I love Bath Teas not more than I like salts and oils!



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