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Char Brush Review


Brushing your teeth is such a menial and routine task that you really don’t give much thought to your toothbrush I bet. If you a follower of green beauty, your toothpaste is probably naturally derived and all things wonderful but what about your brush?

I have used several more eco friendly toothbrushes but none stand out quite like Char Brush.

Char Brush goes one step further than just a bamboo handle and eco friendly packaging. Their bristles are infused with charcoal which has tons of benefits. Just a few listed from their site are:

  • naturally whitening
  • fights plaque
  • prevents bad breath

I noticed all three of these things after using the Char Brush for just 2 weeks!


The first thing I loved about the brush, right out of the gate, was the feel of the bristles themselves. They are firm so I feel like they are really getting the job done, but do not hurt my teeth while I am brushing. I have a small mouth and they were able to still fit in the small places perfectly. I also, obviously, love the bamboo handle – so chic and earthy, and the recyclable packaging! Fashionable toothbrush – check!

The second thing I noticed was hmm my mouth seems surprisingly clean and fresh. Not that before I didn’t feel clean after brushing my teeth, but with the Char Brush there was no doubt that I could talk to my co-workers first thing in the morning with no reason for concern. That’s a win! Clean mouth, bad breathe free – check!

After two weeks of use I have started to notice whiter teeth – no lie. Nothing super drastic yet, but I am starting to see a difference. The Char Brush has enough charcoal to serve as a whitening agent for 8 weeks and their site says that after 4 most people start to see bigger results. I am super excited to see what my teeth look like after those 8 weeks! (I’ll report back!) Pearly whites – check!

Now you might be wondering if the charcoal has a taste.  I noticed no taste at all while using it with toothpaste (which you can use any of your choice!).

I am a CharBrush convert now – why would you not use this sustainable eco brush that acts as a natural whitening agent at the same time?! Plus it is super affordable.

Visit their site to learn more.



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