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Arrow Cosmetics Review


If you are like me you want every shade of your favorite blush and bronzer to be a part of your colleciton, but not the price tag to go with it. That is where Arrow Cosmetics comes in. They are a unique Etsy brand run by three awesome rockstar ladies from FSU who began the business as a project for their entrepreneurship class. This is a small brand I am SO excited to share with you.

Arrow Cosmetics makes DIY mineral makeup kits that are completely natural. What’s so wonderful about them is that you can completely customize your colors and shades depending on skin tone and personal preference!

There are three kits from Arrow Cosmetics:

  • Eyeshadow: I love that you can mix this eyeshadow not only to whatever shade you want, but because you control the amount of Mica that goes inside, you can pick exactly how sparkly you want it to be! I made my super glamorous but I am also excited to create a more matte look in the future. The ingredients for the eyeshadow are hibiscus powder, mica, and cinnamon.
  • Bronzer Kit: The bronzer kit is the most useful for me. I tan very easily but I am also very pale in the winter. I love that I can adjust the shade of this bronzer as I need. I also am obsessed with the fact that it has cinnamon in it, which is known to be amazing for helping heal scaring of the skin. Cinnamon is a great ingredient to be included in an already awesomely useful product! The bronzer also includes arrowroot powder and cacao.
  • Blush Kit: The blush is my favorites of the kit I think! It was so fun to mix the ingredients (arrowroot powder, mica, and hibiscus powder) to come up with a fun and playful shade that also felt fresh and springy. On date night I can add a little more oomph to make it dramatic as well.

FullSizeRender 2

Each kit comes with a list of directions, a spatula, three ingredients, and a mixing jar with sifter. They are super affordable and an awesome DIY activity. This is a brand that should be on your radar for birthday, holiday, and graduation gifts. Not to mention a great activity for parties, bridal showers, etc. It is also a wonderful treat-yourself that supports an amazing brand run by some boss ladies!

Use code CLEAN15 to save 15% off at checkout! 

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