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Honeybee Gardens Lippie Review


Honeybee Gardens was one of the very first natural makeup brands that I started using when I started my green beauty lifestyle. They are affordable, a wonderful quality, and have a wide array of products. If you have not checked them out before I would definitely suggest it.

I think my favorite Honeybee Gardens products are their lip products including lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner. I cannot get enough of them!

Wearing Charisma liner, Heirloom lipstick, and Innocent lipgloss.

Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick:

I am a HUGE fan of the Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick. It goes on so smooth and is really nourishing thanks to the coco butter and sesame seed oil. The two colors I have, Heirloom (left) and South Beach (right), go on perfectly pigmented without being overbearing. They also stay on much longer than most natural lipsticks I have used. Heirloom was one of the first lipsticks I have ever purchased – didn’t used to be a big lipstick person – and I am almost to the bottom of the tube. These are awesome lipsticks if you really want to have a full collection or are just starting to wear it because they have a great price point -$12.99 – but a quality that is above and beyond!

The formula is vegan and free from FD&C dyes.


Heirloom is my everyday color and South Beach is perfect for spring and summer – a bright coral color that adds a little extra va-voom!

Honeybee Gardens Lucious Lip Gloss:

I LOVE my Honeybee Gardens lip gloss. It is almost gone but I am scraping every last bit out. The color I have is Innocence; it’s the perfect neutral lip gloss. I worry about lip glosses being too sticky but that is a non-issue with this one. The real selling point of this bad boy is the awesome smell/taste. So fruity and wonderful – more than you could ask for from any conventional drugstore sticky lipgloss! I will definitely be repurchasing.

From top to bottom: Innocent Lip Gloss, Heirloom Lipstick, South Beach Lipstick, Charisma Lip Liner, Island Spice Lip Liner


Jobacolors Lip Liner:

I am not usually a lip liner person, they remind me of old ladies who kiss you and leave marks on your cheek and have obvious lip liner lines. But one of these liners came in a Buzz Box (Honeybees monthly box of goodies!) that I got way back last fall. I figured I might as well give the liner a try, I loved it, and ended up buying a second! Both the Charisma and Island Spice are perfect colors, not too over the top and “old lady.” I love wearing them under my lipstick to make it stay on even longer and line my lips.

Follow Honeybee on Facebook to get updates on the Buzz Box if you are interested!


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