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BRAID Review


I was at a health and wellness trade show for work a few months ago and got to chatting with a woman about how lavender is actually an adaptogenic, meaning it can affect everyone differently, at different times, depending on your mood and other factors. Normally lavender is known as a calming agent, a stress reliever, and a sleep aid. It definitely helps me relax and fall asleep if I am smelling it for a short period of time but if I diffuse it in my room all night, it gives me nightmares. So, what this woman was telling me totally made sense. After hearing this, I decided it wasn’t just me being a nutso, that I should find another aromatherapy blend to use at night other than just straight lavender.

No more than a few weeks later I was in contact with Molly from BRAID (Batch Remedies Aid) about her all-natural aromatherapy sprays and roll-ons. She offered to send me the Cozy Comfort Room & Linen Spritzer and Peaceful Slumber Rollerball Remedy.

BRAID has hands-down, undeniably adorable packaging. So clean and fresh, I am obsessed. More importantly, they are a company with a cause — 10% of the profits from your order go to  Hope Supply Co, an organization that aids homeless children.

If you a) don’t like lavender, b) find lavender doesn’t help you sleep, c) love sleep, d) love aromatherapy, e) love to support businesses with a cause or f) all of the above, read on. If none of those apply to you …. then you’re a cray cray person.


Cozy Comfort Room & Linen Spritzer:

Last night after I had gotten all cozy in bed and done with my bedtime routine I was laying there feeling as though something was missing. I realized I had forgotten to spray this BRAID Cozy Comfort Spritzer on my pillow before bed, so I GOT OUT OF BED and went into the living room where my photo station is (had left it there after taking pictures yesterday!)  to get the spray and return to bed with my beloved. I repeat: THIS SPRAY WAS WORTH ME GETTING OUT OF BED FOR. That’s big.

The scent is so unique, I cannot put my finger on what it smells like. It smells like comfort, everything I would want a huge pile of fresh laundry to smell like, and an earthy spa all at the same time. I can’t get enough of it. While it does have lavender in it, I don’t smell lavender. I smell the mixture of Marjoram and Ylang Ylang. It relaxes me and makes the room and my pillow smell so comforting. People – this. is. a. game. changer. It has me excited to try the other scents from BRAID (Blues Away, Uplift, Tidy Up, Sweet Dreams).

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Pure Therapeutic: Lavender, Marjoram, and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.


Peaceful Slumber Roller Remedy:

The Roller and Spritzer are double trouble for insomnia. I love to roll this on my wrists and inhale deeply before bed and spraying the Spritzer. While the lavender comes through a bit more in this one, it is overall a very pleasant earthy scent that is relaxing. Since I am just smelling it for a short period of time to ease my brain, I don’t have any of the strange affects I get with long-term exposure to lavender while I am sleeping.

This baby comes with me on all of my trips because it is a size that is TSA approved. It helps me sleep when I am in hotels, stressed, a little jet lagged, or amped up.

Ingredients: Pure Organic Magnesium Oil and Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend of: Lavender, Chamomile, Camphor, Coriander, Geranium, Jasmine, Lemon, Rose, Rosewood, Palmarosa, and Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, & Marjoram.


I don’t love the smell of lavender but I crave the smell of these two products before bed. If you are anything like me, without a routine or something to signal your brain it is time for bed you can be up for hours – tired – but unable to fall asleep. BRAID is an awesome way to incorporate a natural product into your bedtime routine that contributes to a greater cause, supports an indie brand, and helps you feel rested and relaxed.


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