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Salt Is Not The Enemy


Salt is salt, right? Wrong!

Since I have started working for San Francisco Salt Company, I have come to find out I have been treating all salt as equal when it should not be. The salt that you use in your kitchen and bathroom should be inspected and investigated just the same as any other ingredient that you use.

First things first – can salt be organic or GMO free? Just like water is not a living thing, salts cannot be organic or genetically modified. The most important thing to look for then is the lack of additives and caking-agents.

In The Kitchen

Standard table salt, like Mortons, is typically mined from salt deposits and is processed to remove certain minerals and add others. Iodine has been added to table salt since the 1920’s when the depression hit and people weren’t getting a healthy amount of iodine. But, when adding iodine the salt typically clumps up, which is combatted by many companies adding an anti-caking agent.

What to use instead?

Sea salt is a natural option that holds several vital minerals and nutrients (iron, zinc, copper, etc.). Make sure that if you are purchasing sea salt you buy once that is pure with no additives or caking agents. Fair warning – you need less sea salt than you do table salt, so adjust your use accordingly.

Himalayan Salt is a rock salt from the himalayan salt mines that has a gorgeous pink color. You probably know it from the himalayan salt lamps that have become super popular lately. The color of the salt comes from the mineral and nutrient rich content. Himalayan salt is known to have over 80 trace minerals that we need in our bodies and diet. It is a wonderful alternative to standard table salt and is argued to have several other benefits. You can use this salt in any way you would use regular salt, and just like sea salt you need less than you would for table salt. I find the flavor of Himalayan Salt to be slightly more full and smooth, and I prefer it to sea salt.

In The Tub

My three favorite salts to use in the bathtub are Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, and Dead Sea Salt. Standard sea salt is also wonderful in the tub because of its mineral content, but these three have more specific uses.

Epsom Salt is the go to salt for after a workout or when you are needing a calming bath. Epsom Salt is mined and the scientific name is Magnesium Sulfate. Epsom salt is known to increase blood circulation helping to recover muscle aches and detox the body. Two things to look for when you are purchasing epsom salt: 1) make sure that it is USP Grade – this means that the salt is pharmaceutical grade and held to a standard of manufacturing than industrial grade salt (which has little to no regulation) 2) ideally you want the salt to be made in the USA because salts that come from China and other countries may not be held to the same manufacturing standards

Himalayan Salt we already know that himalayan salt is high in mineral content. It is debated whether or not these minerals can be absorbed through the skin – but regardless I have found that Himalayan Salt leaves my skin super smooth. The gorgeous pink salt also looks awesome in the bathroom!

Dead Sea Salt is my latest obsession! It comes from the Dead Sea in Isreal and is known to help soothe psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Soaking in this salt has dramatically helped the ever dreaded bacne that I get from wearing a sports bra and using in to rinse my face has also helped the acne on my face. I am looking for good masks and soaps that include the salt and have clean ingredients (hit me up with any suggestions!). Make sure that you get pure Dead Sea Salt straight from the source!

Because I work for a salt company I am not going to suggest any brands at this time, because I use all of the products from work! But there are options out there in both your local health food store and online that are perfect – feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


2 thoughts on “Salt Is Not The Enemy

  1. Yes yes yes! There are so many healthy minerals in (good) salts. I have become more particular with the ones that I use over the years, and could never go back to something like Morton’s. My current favorite for cooking is sel gris, but Himalayan pink salt is great too!

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