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The Natural Skincare Routine That Works Wonders for My Acne

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Phew! I just had time to sit down and write for the first time in a while because Expo West was such a whirlwind. I was on the exhibiting side this time for my job and it was frankly INSANE. I had a blast meeting customers and other brands and LOVED being around like-minded people. The industry is headed in an awesome direction, and I cannot wait to see where we end up.

Between traveling to New Orleans a few weeks ago and LA last week, my skin is freaking out a little bit. It is extremely sensitive to change in routine, and travel definitely has an effect on my eating habits and such. What I do try to control in all the crayzay is keeping my beauty routine consistent, because there are a few products and ingredients that I have found really make a difference in my complexion.

I know a lot of you are acne prone as well so I wanted to share these things that I have learned with you. What I don’t want to do though is make you think that by going out and purchasing these products, or ingredients, that you are also going to see a miraculous change in your skin. I spent a lot of money chasing miracle products, but in the end when I kept it simple was when I found the biggest change in my skin.

I do want to share with you all though because some of these are cheap and easy products and tips that may work for some of you!

Be Gentle When Washing Your Face:

Over-washing or washing with harsh ingredients is easy to justify when you have acne prone skin. I wanted to dry out every last bump and pore on my face, thinking that would lead to clearer skin. What I found though was that my face would dry out so much I would be left with not only acne, but super flakey dry skin as well. No bueno. After MUCH trial and error with products, what I have settled on right now is a bar of soap from One With Nature that has dead sea salt and dead sea mud in it. It is gentle on my face but the dead sea salt has the anti-bacterial elements that I need.

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Speaking of Dead Sea Salt – It Makes the Perfect Toner:

Dead Sea Salt toner is my new JAM and oh baby has it made a difference on my skin tone! Dead Sea Salt is different then standard sea salt. It comes from the dead sea and has a ton of trace elements and minerals that have benefits for skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff.

I will mix about 1-2 tbsp with 3 oz of filtered water and spray either directly on my face, or a cotton pad every morning and night. In the morning, I just wash with water and then use my toner on a cotton pad. In the evening I use the bar soap to remove makeup and then spray the toner directly on my face, leave it for a minute or so while I brush my teeth, and then wipe off.

My skin tone has become SO much more even and I think I owe it to all the awesome minerals in the salt. A whole other post coming on that soon!

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Moisturizing and SPF:

With the Dead Sea Salt I don’t find that I need a ton of moisturizer because it is so great at balancing my skins oil production. That being said the Kari Gran 365 SPF 28 in the AM is something I cannot live without. It provides a killer bottom layer for my makeup, protects my face from the sun, and is SO moisturizing without clogging my sensitive pores.

I was LOVING Vintner’s Daughter when it was featured in the Beauty Heroes box and when I ran out tears were definitely wept. I cannot bring myself to splurge on a bottle at full price (about $200) but it definitely was so wonderful to my skin. Has anyone found a product similar in results without a price point that makes a 20-something want to give up on ever having nice things!?

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The Girl Behind The Mask:

Before I got into clean beauty I was not a masker – but dang you guys us clean beauty gals LOVe to make sand we can do it like the best of ‘em. Some masks are to harsh on my sensy skin. One mask I will do is take Bentonite Clay and mix in a little Dead Sea Salt – that one is great when my skin needs a little extra TLC. But, for a regular day I am loving the Branch To Nature Thyme Cream Charcoal Mask with thyme and activated charcoal. It is so creamy so I don’t only feel like it is cleaning out my pores, but I also feel like it is moisturizing at the same time. The price point is amazing and the smell is not too strong at all!

Spot Treatment:

This is where I need a little help from you all! I LOVE Alba Organics spot treatment, but the ingredients aren’t the best.

I recently discovered that Branch To Nature’s Thyme Blemish Roll-On Stick works wonders on the small guys, bringing the inflammation and redness down pretty quickly. What I need now is something a little stronger, that isn’t necessarily for daily use, but can help kick those hormonal cysts to the curb. Suggestions?

This post is not sponsored and all product recommendations are based on my experience with the product. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive some compensation if you make a purchase using this link. 


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